Old Age home in Hisar

Success Story: Hansraj Chandna met his family after struggling for few days

Hansraj Chandna, an 82-year-old man who belongs to Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) was found wandering in Hisar (Haryana). He had psychiatric disabilities and couldn’t tell his name, address, phone number, or anything about himself. He was found by Hisar police and was left at Moksh Ashram Hisar.

He hadn’t eaten anything for 3 days and was miserable when we first saw him. He was provided with food, shelter, and medical facilities here at Moksha. After a few days, he got in a better state and was able to tell the names of his family members. He was able to provide the phone number of his fellow family member with the help of which we were able to contact him.

He was really happy to meet his family. With the help of proper care and treatment, he was able to get into better health after 3 days, and reaching his family members got possible. After reaching Meerut from Moksh Ashram, Hansraj’s family members were thankful that they could reach him and found him in a good state.

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