Eligibility for Admission 

Admission is open to any senior citizen of Indian origin, who cannot run his / her life due to loneliness or in absence of any attendant / person who can take care of him /her, or those persons who cannot run their lively hood adequately due to old age factor, or those neglected by their own child and kind or those persons who are free from family liabilities and wish to serve the society for their remaining life & want to share their knowledge and experiences of life with the younger generation. 

 Ineligibility for Admission

Senior citizens who are suffering from infectious or mental diseases, or are involved in criminal cases or offences or addicted to liquor or psychotropic substances, drugs etc. are not eligible for admission in the MOKSHA OLD AGE HOME. 

Mode of Admission

Any person desirous of becoming inmate of MOKSHA OLD AGE HOME will be admitted on approval of Board of Member of Moksha Meditation Welfare Society on recommendation of Admission Committee of the Ashram. 

All persons desirous of becoming inmates at the Ashram are to apply on the prescribed form along with a declaration and an affidavit on stamp paper agreeing to abide by the regulations of Moksha Meditation Welfare Society.

Admission form should be accompanied by two photographs of the person seeking admission,duly signed by two local guarantors with under takings from preferably two close relatives.

The mode of admission will be in accordance with the assessment reached at by the authorities on the basis of interview with the applicant.

The admission to the Ashram will be provisional for the initial period of 90 days. The management will confirm the admission after 90 days of living, if not found unsuitable.

Every applicant applying for admission to Ashram shall be required to produce at the time of interview a person who is none other than his/her near relative, failing which he/she shall produce a consent letter /credentials from such near relatives like children,brother(s),sister(s) who have attained age of majority and are competent to contract and such letter / credentials shall bear the signature,  full address of contact, telephone numbers for the purpose of personal interview jointly held by the Trustees /Admission Committee and the applicant to access his /her eligibility to admission.

The applicant should also furnish to the satisfaction of the authority at the time of interview the following documents in original:

Proofof Age.

Proofof Address

The name, surname, family name and full address and contact telephone number(s) /mobile no. of his/ her near relative and applicant’s relationship with such person.

The details of applicant’s spouse including his/her name, surname, family name,date of birth, contact telephone number(s) etc .if the applicant is married.

The authorities of the Ashram may refuse admission to any applicant whose character or antecedents are not satisfactory or for any other reasons which the authorities deem fit.

Any inmate who has obtained admission by means off else representation of any kind or who may be found indulged in indiscipline /misconduct shall be dismissed from the Ashram.

No inmate will be re –admitted when once he/she is dismissed / sent away from the Ashram. The decision of Trustees shall be final and binding upon the applicant.

Death and Funeral 

In the unfortunate event of death of any inmate, the efforts will be made by the Ashram as soon as possible to contact his / her relative on the telephone and at the address available in the office records. In case the relative fails to satisfactorily respond in a timely manner or fails to take possession of the body within 8 hours of the demise, the funeral rites will be performed by the Ashram in such a manner as may be deemed appropriate. Even in the event of failure to contact the relative due to any reason what so ever beyond the control of the Ashram, the above action will be taken as far as possible only after 8 hours. No  complaint or grievance what so ever as regards the medical treatment or alleged negligence of any sort and/ or as regards the disposal of the body will be entertained.

The address and telephone number(s) of the nearest relative to be intimated in the event of death or serious illness of the inmate should be given at the time of admission itself.

Amendment of Rules and Regulations

The MOKSHA MEDITATION WELFARE Society reserves the right to make any addition to alteration in, or deletion from these rules from time to time as may be deemed expedient in accordance with change in time and circumstance(s).

Application for Rules and Regulation

Every applicant admitted as inmate of MOKSHA MEDITATION WELFARE SOCIETY shall strictly follow these Rules and Regulations for Inmates.