Mahila Ashram

About Shaishav Mandhbuddhi Mahila Ashram

Shaishav Mahila Ashram was started unintentionally by Moksha old age home about 1 year ago. We understand the need for a Mahila ashram, when a mentally upset woman was left by the police in our old age home. When she slowly started recovering under our care and kindness, the management in this context took major steps.
If we see within Haryana, there are only two centres, Karnal Nari Niketan and Panchkula, where abandoned and mentally depressed women can get treatment. There are some other centres also running, but they are not that much up to the mark.
We believe that if these abandoned women would be given love and good treatment, they get cured very quickly and can again get adjusted in their families.

Today in Shaishav Kunj Mahila Ashram, about 22 mentally depressed and abandoned women are living. Their living, food and complete treatment are provided by us free of cost. After their recovery, they are sent again to get accommodated in their family. Till now, about 8 women who were from distant states like Kolkata, Gorakhpur, Gujarat got adjusted in their families by the organization.

If you also see any mentally retarded or mentally upset woman anywhere, then contact us.

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